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Talent Strategy
Zhaojin Mining implements the talent strategy of "Introduction, Borrowing, Cultivation and Utilization", namely, management and technical professionals needed by the Company are mainly introduced from outside; scientific and technological research experts are mainly drawn from the outstanding external talent resources outside the organization; all kinds of skilled personnel as well as functional talents in the company management agencies are mainly internally cultivated through work shift, on-the-job placement and other forms. Zhaojin Mining gives full scope to and provides suitable posts for various types of talents.
Talent Strategy
Talent Strategy
Human Resources Management Strategy
Set a talent selection mechanism; improve employees’ skills; put employees at first place and respect talents
  • Recruitment and selection mechanism
    Establish a scientific, efficient and streamlined talent recruitment and selection mechanism, set the “golden bench” to attract various kinds of talents through creating a stepwise growth channel, and build a team having excellent comprehensive quality, high work efficiency and strong innovative capacity through the cultivation mode of “utilizing a batch of talents, reserving a batch of talents and cultivating a batch of talents”.
    Recruitment and selection mechanism
  • “Golden-handcuffs” incentive and restraint mechanism
    Help employees obtain the skills matched with their job responsibilities, and establish a set of scientific, effective, suitable, practical and workable performance evaluation system. Set clear goals for each employee and make him/her clearly know the relationship between performance and reward; give highly appreciation and recognition to the employees’ performance and contribution, and establish a “golden-handcuffs” incentive and restraint mechanism.  
    “Golden-handcuffs” incentive and restraint mechanism
  • Put employees at first place and respect talents
    Put employees at first place and respect talents. Through participation, encouragement, urge and support, every managerial staffer should try to create a working environment where employees can give full play to their talents and exercise and improve their abilities, and should advocate the concept of voluntary work and service and create a “golden parachute” for talents, so that every employee can have a sense of belonging in the organization and can be fused into it.
    Put employees at first place and respect talents