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The Second Announcement of the Project of Shangzhuang Mining Area

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(A) Brief description of the project

In October 2013, the enterprise entrusted the Shandong Environmental Protection Science Research and Design Institute to undertake and complete the environmental impact assessment of the project in accordance with the Environmental Impact Assessment Law of the People's Republic of China. On April 16, 2014, the enterprise obtained the Environmental Protection Office of Shandong Province Reply of the Report on the Environmental Impact Report of the Project on the Zhuangzhuang Mining Area (Extension and Capacity Expansion) Project of Juejin Mining Co., Ltd.

Project in May 2014 officially started construction in November 2015 mine mining depth of -800m, monitoring found that the depth of the mine water pouring a high salt, can not be used as agricultural irrigation effluent row, the company plans to build a new drainage pipeline will excess mine Gushing water into the river stream tidal reach. This is a significant change in the project pollution prevention and control measures and is in line with the Notice on the Relevant Matters Concerning the Change of Environmental Impact Assessment Documents (Luhuan Assessment [2012] No. 27). Article 1 (3) stipulates that the environmental impact Evaluation documents, and according to the procedures for approval.

Zhaojin Mining Co., Ltd. silkworm Zhuang gold mine Shangzhuang mining area, located in Zhaoyuan City Xinzhuang town west of the village, from Zhaoyuan City 35km. Geographic coordinates: longitude 12 ° 01'12 "- 12 ° 01'39", latitude 37 ° 26'13 "- 37 ° 27'19", administrative division under the jurisdiction of Zhaoyuan City Xinzhuang town. In February 2013, the Land and Resources Department approved the scope of the delineation of the mining area with the Lu Guodu [2013] No. 164. The extent of the mining area after delimitation is delineated by 16 inflection points. The flat area of mining rights is adjusted from the original 1.6977 square kilometers to 4.1425 square kilometers, and the mining depth is adjusted from + 63m to -750m to + 63m to -950m. A total investment of 11108.36 million yuan. The main project includes mining engineering, mineral processing project in two parts, the expansion of the main construction project No. 1 air shaft, the other are relying on existing projects. The project is mainly composed of the main project, auxiliary engineering, public works, supporting projects, environmental engineering and other components. After the project put into operation, with an annual output of 14.85 × 104t ore, gold concentrate grade 73g / t, annual production of gold concentrate 7490.34t. Year work 330d, work 3 classes a day, work for 8h each class.

(B) an overview of the possible impact of the project on the environment and the adoption of governance measures.

(1) Waste gas generation and disposal measures

This project does not set the boiler room, will not produce coal-fired flue gas and other waste gas pollutants, the project air pollutants are mainly produced in the underground production process dust, mineral processing process dust and ore yard and ore transport process of dust The

Downhole exhaust gas pollution sources are mainly: the production of rock drill rock generated when the dust generated when the blasting guns, scrapers produced when the mine dust, dust control measures are mainly wet operation, sprinkler, local ventilation and systems Ventilation and so on. Exhaust gas concentration of 2.0mg / m3. Can meet the "Air Pollutant Integrated Emission Standard" (GB16297-1996) in Table 2 of the secondary requirements.

The main waste gas is the dust. Coarse crushing, sieving, broken, fine section are used BME biological nano-film dust suppression system Venturi dust collector, after about 15m high, diameter 0.4m exhaust tube discharge.

After the dust removal measures of the beneficiation industry, the dust emitted by the concentrator was 3.64t / a, the dust emission concentration was less than 30mg / m3, and the "Integrated emission standard of fixed particulate matter in Shandong Province" (DB37 / 1996-2011) 2 maximum allowable emission concentration limit requirements.

Road hardening, sprinkling dust, limiting the speed, the vehicle covered with tarpaulins or the use of covered with a box sealed car is commonly used road dust control technology, the use of the mine in general, the effect is obvious.

(2) Wastewater generation and disposal measures

The wastewater generated during the operation period of the project is mainly the underground water and the domestic sewage generated by the workers.

On the basis of reuse, the effluent concentration of the mine can reach the "Integrated Pollution Standard for Water Pollutants in Shandong Peninsula Basin" (DB37 / 676-2007) and "About the release of comprehensive pollutant discharge of water pollutants along the South-to-North Water Diversion Project in Shandong Province (GB3838-2002) Class IV, which is planned to meet the requirements of the "Standard for Environmental Protection of Surface Water" (Grade 2) Drainage lines are discharged into the river tidal reach.

Domestic sewage treatment by the wastewater treatment station, used for mineral processing, not row.

Expansion of the project beneficiation of all the recycling of wastewater, concentrator no waste water efflux.

(3) solid waste generation and disposal measures

Expansion of solid waste project during the construction of waste rock, tailings, dust, garbage and waste mineral oil. Waste of about 10% during the production of backfill mined-out area, 90% to enhance the surface after the sale, not row; tail sand is mainly used for filling, the remaining storage in the tailings; dust back to the beneficiation process reuse; Unified clean-up; waste mineral oil collected for mining area rail track lubrication, not row.

(4) noise, vibration and its control measures

The expansion project mainly considers the impact of surface equipment noise on the environment. The main impact on the surface acoustic environment are mining industrial sites (mainly located in the ground), the mineral equipment machinery and equipment noise and transport traffic noise.

The noise control principle first considers a reasonable layout from a planar arrangement using low noise equipment and processes to reduce noise from the sound source. And in accordance with the "industrial enterprise noise control design specifications" requirements of the major noise sources to eliminate noise, sound absorption, sound insulation, vibration and other comprehensive prevention and control measures to eliminate the mechanical and electrical equipment operating noise on the surrounding environment. So that the industrial sites (concentates, industrial sites) plant boundary noise control in the "industrial enterprise boundary environmental noise emission standards" (GB12348-2008) 2 categories of standards.

It is required to prohibit the blasting of the night, allowing only the daytime blasting, and the reasonable arrangement of blasting holes, to minimize the use of explosives, blasting before the nearby may affect the residents, make the greatest efforts to reduce the adverse impact on the ground houses.

(C) the environmental impact assessment of the environmental impact assessment of the conclusions of the main points

The construction of the project is in line with the Policy on the Administration of Mine Ecological Environment Protection and Pollution Prevention and Control, and the Opinions of the General Office of the People's Government of Shandong Province on Further Strengthening the Safety Production of Mining Enterprises (Lu Zheng Ban [2011] No. 67), "Shandong Province Resources overall planning "," Zhaoyuan city master plan "," Zhaoyuan city ecological function zoning "and other planning requirements, from the perspective of environmental impact analysis also shows that the expansion of the project construction environment impact is small, the process taken for cleaning Production process, the project put into operation after the discharge of various types of pollutants can discharge standards. Environmental quality of the status quo suitable for project construction, impact forecast shows that the project construction on the surrounding environment is small, the site selection is reasonable. Engineering, dust removal measures, waste water treatment process, solid waste comprehensive utilization measures, noise reduction and other environmental protection measures and other environmental protection measures are reliable and economically viable; the project has good economic, environmental and social benefits. Therefore, from the environmental point of view, in the implementation of the pollution prevention and control measures under the premise of the project construction is feasible.

(D) the manner and duration of the public's views

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Duration: Within 20 days from the date of this announcement, the public may reflect the opinions and suggestions in writing or by telephone to the enterprise or the evaluation unit.