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The first publicity of the project of Shangzhuang Mining Area

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In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Environmental Impact Assessment Law of the People's Republic of China and the Interim Measures for Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment (No. 26 [2006] of the State Environmental Protection Administration), the Company will now " Mining area (expansion and expansion) project "on environmental impact assessment matters are as follows:

First, the project name, project description and project summary

Project Name: Zhaojin Mining Co., Ltd. Silkwort Gold Mine Shangzhuang Mining Area (Expanded and Expanded) Project

Project Introduction: In October 2013, the enterprise entrusted the Shandong Environmental Protection Science Research and Design Institute to undertake and complete the environmental impact assessment of the project in accordance with the Environmental Impact Assessment Law of the People's Republic of China. On April 16, 2014, Environmental Protection Department on the "Zhaojin Mining Co., Ltd. silkworm Zhuang gold mine Shangzhuang mining area (expansion of expansion and expansion) project environmental impact report" approved, No. Lu ring review [2014] 50.

Project in May 2014 officially started construction in November 2015 mine mining depth of -800m, monitoring found that the depth of the mine water pouring a high salt, can not be used as agricultural irrigation effluent row, the company plans to build a new drainage pipeline will excess mine Gushing water into the river stream tidal reach. This is a significant change in the project pollution prevention and control measures and is in line with the Notice on the Relevant Matters Concerning the Change of Environmental Impact Assessment Documents (Luhuan Assessment [2012] No. 27). Article 1 (3) stipulates that the environmental impact Evaluation documents, and according to the procedures for approval.

Project Summary: Zhaojin Mining Co., Ltd. Silk Zhuang gold mine Shangzhuang mining area, located in Zhaoyuan City Xinzhuang town west of the village, from Zhaoyuan City 35km. Geographic coordinates: longitude 12 ° 01'12 "- 12 ° 01'39", latitude 37 ° 26'13 "- 37 ° 27'19", administrative division under the jurisdiction of Zhaoyuan City Xinzhuang town.

Mining area of 1.6977 square kilometers, mining methods for underground mining, production scale of 115,500 t / year, mining depth from 63m to -750m elevation. Using shaft, inclined shaft, blind shaft joint development approach. Mine mining methods are used for the level of stratified tailings filled mining method.

In order to increase the reserves of reserve resources to meet the long-term development needs of enterprises, Zhaojin Mining Co., Ltd. silkworm Zhuang gold mine commissioned by the Shandong Provincial Sixth Geological and Mineral Exploration Institute on the Shang mining area deep mining and exploration within the scope of exploration carried out further exploration Work, and achieved good results. According to the mine reserves and the status of the mine, in order to better the advantages of resources into economic advantages, the rational development of mineral resources, to extend the service life of the mine, Zhaojin Mining Co., Ltd. silkworm Zhuang gold mine to be on the extension of the mining area The

In February 2013, the Land and Resources Department approved the scope of the delineation of the mining area with the Lu Guodu [2013] No. 164. The extent of the mining area after delimitation is delineated by 16 inflection points. The flat area of mining rights is adjusted from the original 1.6977 square kilometers to 4.1425 square kilometers. The mining depth is adjusted from + 63m to -750m to + 63m to -950m, and the scale of production is changed to 148t t / a, ie 450t / d.

The scope of the project includes underground mining, to be supporting the mineral processing and ancillary facilities, administrative welfare facilities. Product program for the recovery of the ore after the mineralization of the output of the gold concentrate, gold concentrate grade 73g / t, iron ore can be produced every year 7490.34t. According to the mining production scale of 148,500 tons / year, mining service life 26a. According to the ore deposit conditions and mining technology conditions, the use of underground mining, shaft development, make full use of existing projects, the construction of 297 line shaft. Adopt the upper horizontal horizon tailings to fill the mining method.

Concentrator is located in Shangzhuang mining area, the annual processing of 450 tons of ore / day. Product program for the grade of 65% iron powder 78,600 tons / year; produce tailings 191,400 tons / year. Crushing operation is used in two sections of a closed-circuit process; grinding operation using two two closed grinding process; dehydration operation using two dehydration process; tailings through the pipeline flow into the tailings; The mine. No longer built, relying on the existing concentrator. The tailings produced in addition to underground filling, the remaining part of the filter out of the tailings.

Second, the construction unit and contact information

Construction unit: Zhaojin Mining Co., Ltd

Contact: Su Xuekai

Address: Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province, silkworm village Zhuangzhuang gold mine

Tel: 0535-8321725


Third, the environmental impact assessment units and contact information

Environmental Impact Assessment Unit: Shandong Province Environmental Science Institute Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (China Central Assessment No. 2402)

Contact: Liang Gong

Address: 50 Lishan Road, Jinan;

Post Code: 250013

Tel: 0531-66573306;

Fax: 0531-85870051


Fourth, the environmental impact assessment work procedures and the main work content

Evaluation of the working procedures: construction unit commission - document data research - environmental status survey - project engineering analysis - environmental impact assessment - public opinion consultation - environmental impact report preparation - reported to the environmental protection department for approval.

The main work contents are as follows: The present situation investigation, evaluation and evaluation of the atmospheric environment, water environment, sound environment, social environment and ecological environment within the evaluation area of the proposed project are carried out. The forecasting and evaluation of the project construction and operation period, Noise, solid waste, ecological and construction area, residents' relocation and so on. The countermeasures and measures to prevent and mitigate the adverse environmental impact are put forward according to the factors, nature and degree of environmental impact of the project. To provide scientific basis for the implementation of viable and effective environmental protection measures and to strengthen environmental management for the construction and operation period, to promote the coordinated development of economic construction and environmental protection, and to demonstrate the environmental feasibility of the project under the premise of adopting environmental protection measures.

Fifth, to seek public views of the main issues

In order to listen to the opinions and suggestions on the environmental protection work of the project on the environmental protection work of the Zhuangzhuang mining area in the village of Juejin Mining Co., Ltd., the basic information of the construction project will be publicized and the public's valuable ideas and suggestions The

Sixth, the main way of making public opinions

Individuals or units may submit written opinions to the construction unit and the environmental impact assessment unit of the project by letter, fax, e-mail or other means (please provide the public with detailed contact information as much as possible).

The environmental impact assessment unit will record the opinions and suggestions of the public in the project environmental impact report and reflect the valuable opinions and suggestions of the public to the project construction unit, the design unit and the relevant departments.