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Zhaojin Mining to participate in "to improve the protection of resources, to overcome the key technology" as the theme of the National Gold Science and Technology Forum

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Recently, by the company vice president Dong Xin led, Liyuan gold mine Yang Hongji general manager, silkworm Zhuang gold mine Ding Minjun deputy chief, Zhaojin North Xinjiang Production Section Li Tiantong chief and the Department of Health Sun Yingxiang engineers and five people to Chifeng participated in the national Gold Science and Technology Forum, and visited the Chifeng Jilong Mining limited liability company.

The forum is based on the theme of "improving resources and capturing key technologies". There are four research topics, focusing on the key issues of exploration and production of precious metal resources.

Chairman Dong completed the "mine management and green mining" individual topics, and in the General Assembly on the "excellent production safety (TOPS) system under the enterprise management" special report.

Through this forum, to further expand the company's influence in the country and visibility, so that more people understand the strokes in the TOPS system under the standardized management and efficiency.

In addition, by visiting the very thin ore mining process in Kuala Lumpur, it will provide reference for the recovery of high grade ore in the northern and pear gold mines of Zhaojin. The next step will be to take the lead in experimenting in some areas to minimize the ore loss rate. (Sun Yingxiang)