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Zhaojin Mining Organization to participate in equipment lubrication management and practical technical training

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In order to promote the innovation and technical upgrading of the lubrication management system and enhance the comprehensive business quality of the equipment lubrication management personnel, the company has organized 30 people to participate in the "2016 Equipment Lubrication Management and Practical Technology Training Course" organized by the organization in Guangzhou in accordance with the TOPS promotion plan. The training course is taught by Guang Yan Research and the experts of NORIA Company in the United States.


Training, experts on how to improve the reliability of equipment in the lubrication, how to avoid the failure of lubricants, lubrication on the impact of production, how to reduce or improve the lubrication of pollution problems and how to carry out lubrication management in the enterprise, And all participants participated in the rigorous certification examinations of MLH (Level 1 Machine Lubrication Engineer) organized by ICML (International Machinery Lubrication Council) after the study was completed.

After this training, 30 students have the ability to assess their own production site and equipment management level. They have to return to the unit after the display of "pass, help, with" the role of a good unit of the "teacher" to learn the advanced lubrication technology and management methods, to teach other colleagues, the company equipment lubrication management stability Standardize, reduce the equipment equipment, abnormal wear and spare parts consumption, reduce energy losses, ensure the safe operation of equipment, improve the company's equipment management level. (Liu Libo)