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International experts in the field of mineral processing to the company to do ultra-fine grinding academic report

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Recently, Professor of Queensland University of Australia, Australia Queensland University JKtech mining company chief expert Dr. Gao Mingwei, led his R & D team, made a special trip to the company to visit the guidance, and made on the mineral processing professional academic report.

Dr. Gao introduced the current international advanced technology of mineral processing industry, and carefully elaborated the development and application of ultra-fine grinding technology. Dr. Gao's report to the company's vast number of beneficiation technical staff broaden their horizons, to understand the international development of mineral processing professional status, to optimize the company's cyanide process and difficult to rule smelting fine particles have a great guiding significance.

After the report, the technical staff of the enterprise on the work of some of the problems and experts had a discussion. In addition, the company will cooperate with Dr. Gao's research and development team to carry out the relevant research work which has not yet been introduced into China's advanced grinding process.


Dr. Gao Mingwei graduated from the University of Leyer University, Sweden, graduated from the mineral industry, received the Swedish doctor of engineering. He has served as a senior researcher of the Swedish Federal Academy of Sciences, Australia Slope Radar, Australia Chi Chi Aisai Mill, Australia Jamesson Flotation Machine and other companies in China consultants. (Chen Liyong Sang Shenghua)