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  • Aug. 14

    Fortune (Chinese version) officially released the list of top 500 Chinese enterprises of the year 2013. Zhaojin Mining Industry Co., Ltd. (“Zhaojin Mining” for short) was selected into the list of the top 500 Chinese enterprises and was ranked 483rd in the list.

    Aug. 14
  • Sep. 17

    Zhaojin Mining was successfully selected into the latest NYSE Arca Gold Miners Index (GDM) released by the New York Stock Exchange ("NYSE"). The selection of Zhaojin Mining into GDM confirms the size and strength of the company in the capital market, fully reflecting the company's good stock liquidity and leadership in the industry.

    Sep. 17
  • Jul. 6-8

    The 20th West China Investment and Trade Fair was successfully held at Lanzhou International Expo Center in Gansu Province. The theme of this exhibition was: "Gather the positive energy of cooperation and development, Write the new chapter of the Silk Road economy". Exhibitors were delegations from countries, friendly cities and civil friendly groups along the Silk Road Economic Zone, delegations from various provinces and cities in China, Fortune Global 500 corporations, China’s top 500 companies, China's top 500 private enterprises and well-known enterprises at home and abroad. As one of the main enterprises investing in Gansu Province, Zhaojin Mining was invited to co-organize the exhibition and was rated as an excellent co-organizer by the organizing committee of the exhibition.

  • Sep. 10-12

    The first China International Gold Conference, jointly sponsored by the China Gold Association and the World Gold Association, was grandly held at the Beijing International Convention Center. At the Mining Mogul Summit held at the afternoon of September 12, Mr. Weng Zhanbin, Vice Chairman of Zhaojin Group and Chairman of Zhaojin Mining, gave a keynote speech.

    Sep. 10-12
  • Mar. 10

    The "Capital Leaders of Excellence 2014" awards ceremony was grandly held in Hong Kong, which was jointly sponsored by Hong Kong authoritative finance magazines and capital platforms, including "Capital", "Capital Weekly", "Capital CEO" and "Capital Entrepreneur". Mr. Weng Zhanbin, Chairman of Zhaojin Mining, was granted "Capital Leader of Excellence Award" by virtue of his excellent leadership, outstanding business management experience and prominent contributions to the business community over the years.

    Mar. 10
  • May 31

    Zhaojin Mining officially announced that it will acquire China's largest single gold mine - Haiyu gold mine, which contains more than 470 tons of gold resources and has an average gold grade of 4.3 grams/ton. After the acquisition is successful completed, Zhaojin Mining’s gold resources will reach more than 1,000 tons and its gold reserves capacity will increase by nearly 37%. After Haiyu gold mine is put into operation, the gold production of Zhaojin Mining is expected to increase by 57% and the company will directly enter the ranks of international large-scale gold mining groups. The acquisition was also listed as “2015 China Mining Industry’s Top 10 News" and "2015 China Gold Industry’s Top 10 News".

    May 31
  • Jul. 22

    The fourth China Finance and Economics Summit was held in Beijing on July 22, 2015. By virtue of its excellent performance in the industry and good performance in the capital market, Zhaojin Mining was granted "2015 Best Brand Image Award" by the organizing committee of the summit.

    Jul. 22
  • Nov. 21-22

    The 2015 Annual Meeting of China Equipment Management Association Council and the National Equipment Management Advanced Unit Commendation Conference were held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. On the commendation conference, Zhaojin Mining won the 2015 National Equipment Management Achievement Special Contribution Award, and Zhaojin Mining President Li Xiuchen was granted the 2015 National Equipment Management Excellent Leader Award and the 2015 National Equipment Management Excellent Worker Special Contribution Award and was also named the National Equipment Management Excellent Worker. At the same time, the company’s vice president Mr. Dong Xin and equipment & energy manager Jiang Jianjun were also named the National Equipment Management Excellent Workers.

    Nov. 21-22
  • Jan.

    Gansu Zhaojin Smelting was officially identified as a provincial-level technical center and a high-tech enterprise. The Gansu Provincial Science and Technology Department issued the identification certificate and plaque to the company. After Gansu Zhaojin Smelting was recognized as a high-tech enterprise, it will get the state support in innovation and other aspects in addition to enjoying a 10% reduction in corporate income tax.

  • Mar.

    Beijing Oriental Yanjing Engineering Co., Ltd. officially obtaines the national "high-tech enterprise" qualification certificate and becomes Zhaojin Mining's third subsidiary to obtain such qualification.

  • Apr. 12

    Funded by the National Twelfth Five-Year Plan Science and Technology Support Program, the gold mine short-process grinding and floatation technology research and demonstration project undertaken by Zhaojin Mining smoothly passed the acceptance check organized by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology.

    Apr. 12
  • Nov. 23

    The Hong Kong International Finance Forum and the Golden Bauhinia Awards awarding ceremony were held in Hong Kong, which were jointly organized by Hong Kong Ta Kung Wen Wei Media Group, the Beijing Listed Companies Association, the Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association, the Hong Kong China Financial Association, the Hong Kong Securities Industry Association, the Hong Kong Chartered Secretaries' Association and the Hong Kong Securities Society. Zhaojin Mining Chairman Mr. Weng Zhanbin was granted Gold Bauhinia Award - "Most Influential Listed Company Leader Award", becoming the only gold mining entrepreneur among the 10 award-winning Hong Kong and Chinese mainland business leaders.

    Nov. 23
  • Nov. 24

    At the Shandong Province Entrepreneurs Annual Meeting, the company’s president Li Xiuchen was honored "Outstanding Entrepreneurs of Shandong Province". The Shandong Province Entrepreneurs Annual Meeting was jointly organized by the Shandong Enterprise Confederation (SDEC), Shandong Entrepreneurs Association, Shandong Industrial Economic Association, Shandong Quality Management Association, Shandong Equipment Management Association and SDEC Enterprise Management Science Foundation, aiming to recognize outstanding persons who have made outstanding contributions to enterprises.

    Nov. 24
  • Dec. 5

    Mr. Weng Zhanbin, Vice Chairman of Zhaojin Group and Chairman of Zhaojin Mining, was named "Shandong Taishan Industry Leading Talent" by Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Department.

    Dec. 5
  • Dec. 5

    "Zhaojin Mining Academician Workstation" signing ceremony was held at China ENFI Engineering Corporation (“ENFI” for short). Prof. Yu Runcang, ENFI Senior Consultant and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, attended the ceremony and signed an agreement with Zhaojin Mining to co-work to establish Zhaojin Mining Academician Workstation. ENFI General Manager Mr. Wu Shaohui and Zhaojin Mining Chairman Mr. Weng Zhanbin also attended the signing ceremony.

    Dec. 5