Zhaojin Mining:01818.HK
Corporate Spirit
Set up common value as well as a new corporate culture which can fit the demand of the era; build a first-class team and establish a new Zhaojin cultural system and the common code of conduct for all employees.
  • Practicality
    It is a vivid feature of Zhaojin staff.
    Zhaojin employees adhere to do substantive work, tell the truth and seek practical results. What they pursue is to become upright persons and to do down-to-earth work.
  • Honesty
    It is the basis of development and the foundation of survival for Zhaojin.
    Zhaojin adheres to seeking survival and development based on honesty and gaining trust from customers and the society based on it. Based on honesty, Zhaojin establishes and improves its credit system mainly composed of credit, quality and services.
  • Innovation
    It is the soul of Zhaojin staff.
    Zhaojin creates and perfects its staff innovation system and takes independent innovation as the driving force and management innovation as the key point. So it can always keep its technology and management leadership in the industry.
  • Dedication
    Dedication embodies the ownership spirit of Zhaojin staff.
    Zhaojin employees take pioneering and entrepreneurship as their mission and devote themselves to the enterprise so as to benefit shareholders and the society.
Slogan of the corporate image
It is the core content of Zhaojin culture to establish a cultural system having the characteristics of the gold industry and the company’s own characteristics, drive the enterprise’s development with culture and achieve the shift of the enterprise management from the institutional management to the cultural management.
  • Continuous Resources
    Zhaojin, coming down in one continuous line with the thousands-years-long history of Chinese gold civilization, tries to struggle forward all the way with a strong smell of history and elaborately draws a magnificent gold scroll painting. As the river of time never stops, we will carry forward our cause, forge ahead into the future and climb new heights, constantly adding more wonders for the scroll painting.
    Continuous Resources
  • Prospective Future
    Zhaojin advocates benevolence and emphasizes uprightness. Being broad-minded, benevolent and inclusive, we ceaseless absorb the quintessence from the world and promote the progress and development of the company. Meanwhile, being magnanimous, forthright, righteous and profitable and traveling around the world, we make friends throughout the world, creating value and sharing growth altogether.
    Prospective Future