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Recruitment Principles
Recruitment Principles
The Company’s recruiters adhere to the "open, equal, competitive, selecting the best" principle. The Human Resources Department (HRD) is responsible for recruitment.
Admission workflow
  • 01
    Submit resumes to HRD
  • 02
    Screen resumes
  • 03
    Telephone contact
  • 04
    Preliminary interview
  • 05
  • 06
    Salary negotiations
  • 07
    Officially admitted
Registration procedures

1) The admitted candidates are required to register at the designated place on the scheduled date

2) When coming to register, they must bring the following materials:

A. Certificate of terminating the labor contract with the former employer or proof of resignation

B. ID card and a copy of it 

C. Academic credentials and photocopies

D. Professional qualification certificates and copies

E. Two pieces of one-inch bareheaded color photo

F. Medical certificates for special posts (according to the requirements of the admission notice)

The following persons will not be hired by the company

1) Those who were once held accountable for criminal cases or once violated "Law of Punishments in Public Order and Security Administration” due to gambling, drug abuse and other illegal behaviors.

2) Those were once punished due to misappropriation, corruption, bribery, etc.

3) Those who have no civil capability or have limited civil capability (including those under 18 years old).

4) Those who are found to provide false documents at the time of registration.

5) Those who have not terminated the labor contract with any other employers.

6) Those who conceal their signing confidentiality or non-competition agreement with the former employer.

7) Those who are found by the company to have other circumstances unsuitable for hiring.