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Zhaojin Mining Dayinggezhuang gold mine to build a harmonious green mine

时间:2013.12.04 1288 字号

Zhaojin Mining Dayinggezhuang gold mine to implement the company's "first green water Castle, then Jinshan Yinshan," the new concept of environmental protection, improve the underground operating environment, improve the integrated dust system, to achieve the recycling of resources, Quality standardization acceptance assessment, to achieve the metal non-metallic mine safety production standardization of enterprise standards.

Pay close attention to site management, improve operating conditions. The first is to make full use of the patio drilling machine, electric scraper, delay water curtain and other equipment and facilities to improve the operating environment; on the downhill ramp, transport Lane, sub-lane set up both ends of the wind purification water curtain, A total of 63 sets of water curtains, slip well covers 39, feng shui linkage device 15 sets; high-pressure water pipes all connected to the vicinity of the face, easy to couplet, stope erosion. Second, to hire Jinan Lu Anxin Security Technology Co., Ltd. on the mine main shaft, north and south air shaft and fill the return air ventilation system and the main fan fan performance testing to improve the underground ventilation environment.

To carry out environmental remediation, reduce dust hazards. Investment in more than 20 million on the processing and upgrading of the workshop belt and other parts of the isolation, belt first round, tail wheel installation of the protective cover; belt spray spray sprinkler device, mineral processing bag dust collector chimney increased by 15m, the exhaust port to set the monitoring hole; Install the dust collector. To improve the efficiency of comprehensive utilization of resources, reduce pollutant emissions, to achieve energy saving, energy saving, emission reduction, efficiency purposes, to hire Yantai City Energy Monitoring Center to do the guidance, and achieved initial results, through the acceptance to achieve excellent grades, to obtain cleaner production Audit report.

The implementation of cleaner production, resource recycling. Investment in more than 20 million, built sewage treatment station, to achieve the production, living wastewater, zero emissions, noise emissions standards; solid waste (hazardous waste) disposal rate of 100%. Investment of more than 1400 million built with the domestic advanced level of 2 # new tailings, recycling daily into the production of wastewater 2800 cubic meters, all returned to the production system recycling. At the same time, the mine produces a large number of tailings each year, 60% of the coarse grain fraction for the underground stope filling operations, not only saves the cost, but also effectively slow down the tailings reservoir pressure. In addition, the investment of more than 1000 million on the tailings of the dam reinforcement and reclamation of greening, a total of nearly 80,000 square meters of afforestation, grass slope 40,000 square meters to ensure the safety and stability of the dam, the past waste beach Converted into a large garden of flowers. (Lu Yun Chong)