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Safety Precaution Of Health

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The Group greatly concerns and cares for the employees' occupational health. As the mining industry is commonly considered as a high-risk industry for its potential incidents, work-related injuries and casualties, the Group is commited to putting every effort to minimize the safety risks in the workplace.We comply with occupational health-related laws and regulations including the Law of the PRC on Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases, Mine Safety Law of the PRC and Production Safety Law of the PRC. To prevent health impact on the employees, we implement a series of precautionary measures to high risk event such as potential high exposure to dust, noise and chemical handling etc. Regarding the personal protection aspect,the Group provides adequate personal protective equipment that fulfils the national standards for staff to prevent them from exposing to occupational diseases.

Underground dust is of utmost concern when it comes to improving the working environment in the gold mining industry.In view of that, the Group has adopted underground water supply pipelines and wet operation during working procedures such as rock driling and shovelling,and installed a dust collector at the unloading station to suppress dust. Furthermore,water curtain, dust curtains,and dust removal device have been installed in the major haul roads, the chute heads for consolidating transportation, and the laboratory crushing process respectively, so as to maximize our dust suppression performance and provide a healthy working environment for our workers. For working environments with different hazards,we set up corresponding monitoring systems and conduct regular identification on the occupational hazards to control the implemented mitigation measures. Regular occupational health check for our employees is also carried out to screen the potential safety risks and avoid work-related injuries in order to eliminate the occupational hazard of the employees. In the past three years (i.e. from 2018 to 2020),the Group had no major work-related fatalities or injuries.